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Retrospective the album By Tuneola voted in the Top 25 artists of 2012 at Indie Music. 12 songs, all superb of course, quite varied, you could say a nice pack of non-liquorice all sorts! mmmm tasty!


released January 10, 2010



all rights reserved


Tuneola UK

So this English bloke walks into this tiny club in a village somewhere in Germany, sees this guy sat in the corner of the room singing and playing acoustic guitar. He (the guy) is surrounded by a large crowd, singing along to some song about a tadpole, or so it seemed at the time.
Bloke nudges gum chewing chick next to him and says: “
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Track Name: Roll Up You Sinners
You close your eyes, you give a sigh
It ain’t how it should be.
And all the time deep inside,
You know that’s how it will be.
In a little while, you turn your head
And look around the other way,
And the world goes on turning heading back,
back the same way.
You’re feeling sore you close the door,
You’re getting down at heel
You’re feeling tight, but that ain’t right
You just get down on your knees
In a little while, you turn your back
And walk away till another day
And the world goes on turning heading back,
back the same way.
Roll up you sinners Roll up and see
Roll on you sinners roll along with me.
Track Name: Politician
Started life as a jolly good man, believing I could fly,
now I’m taking all the people for a ride,
Constituents they write letters to my house
and my little loony cronies write them back
I’m a politician man I leave my conscience in a drawer
packed beneath my morals and my gun
I’m a politician man I never close an open door
and you’ll never even know whose side I’m on.
I don’t give a fig or a damn I just hide behind the lies,
if I don’t get elected I will die.
I stand by my convictions indiscretions and my fraud,
and with luck I’ll be booted to the lords.
Well you know it’s not my fault I only want what’s best for you,
it’s only for the good of common man
I’ll take everything you own and I’ll sell it back to you,
and it never really changes when I’m gone
There’ll be another one.
Track Name: No Leaving Today
Wait up baby don’t go there’s reasons to stay
Don’t you leave don’t you go its raining today
Car won’t go it won’t run there’s no juice in it
Tyre’s flat on the bike so just you forget it
There’s a lesson to learn You got reasons to turn
Turn round baby don’t go no leaving today.
I Won’t laugh if you don’t laugh
I won’t cry if you don’t cry
I won’t live if you won’t live.
Listen to my words read between the lines
Can you feel my heart can you read my mind
Don’t you leave don’t you lead no merry dance.
Even if you hate me just one more chance.
There’s a lesson to learn You got reasons to turn
Turn round baby don’t go no leaving today.
You gotta learn how to live and forget it
You gotta learn how to love not regret it
Track Name: Hey Nonny No
There ain’t a place I can call my own
ever since you took our home
You got my money and you kept the cat
you even got my favourite hat
You got a great lawyer and I paid for that
he took the shirt baby right off my back
Hey Nonny No I got a revelation
Hey Nonny No the laughs on you
Hey Nonny No it’s time for celebration
Hey Nonny No laughs on you

You got the mortgage the bills the neighbours too
your job that keeps you out till two
You got all the comforts you need around you
you’ve even got my stereo too
You got the T.v. but the microwaves new
you can use it to warm up all the left over stew

I got the sun on my face the wind in my hair
my old pair of levis and my favourite chair
The chairs in my tent, the tents in a field
I even got a set of worn out wheels
So your photo’s in a frame by my sleeping bag
hey Tog 9.5 that ain’t too bad

Listen to me baby I got the missing you blues
and If I know you honey you’ll be missing me too

I read your note you left by my flap
Guy ropes too tight well thanks for that
You saved the best bit as always for last
The P S on your letter I really liked that
It says “Come on home baby this don’t feel right
If you leave real soon you can be home tonight.”
Hey Nonny No I made a reservation
Hey Nonny No coming home to you
Hey Nonny No time for celebration
Hey Nonny No sing along with me
Track Name: A Tadpole Short Of A Pond
They say there once was a man who walked here all the way from Siam
Just to see if he could, just to see if he would.
He sang songs that inspired, all who heard to climb out of the mire
He said it’s easy to see whatever you want to be you can be.
He always smiled when he walked,
He always laughed when he thought90

About the folks that say he’s a tadpole short of a pond,
or maybe could it be he’s the chosen one.
They say that one night in June he walked all the way up to the Moon
and the children would smile as he told of the time he could fly
He said he wanted to be a dog a cat a rock or a tree
and to this day it seems if only in dreams he could be.
Track Name: Just a Game
Every time I look at her I see another girl,
Every time I see that girl she’s in another world
Oh I say life, life’s just a game,
everyone’s a player just the same.
Every time I look at her I see another girl.
Every time I see myself I see another man,
calling out o me myself I need another plan
Oh I say life, life’s just a game,
everyone’s a player just the same.
Every time I see myself I see another man.
Even if the sun was shining down on me
then suddenly it rains,
The time it takes to dry myself,
another cloud will soak me though again.
Every time I sing this song I’m singing different words,
Every time I sing these words I sing so they’ll be heard
Track Name: Maybe We Will
We can dance and we can sing, songs about most anything
Listen close and you may find the world is falling down this time oh baby... well maybe...
Move over people come stand in line
Close to the edge join hands and fly
Maybe we will maybe we won’t
Can’t see no reason why after all this time
I see the seasons fly but no one knows why
Maybe we will maybe we won’t
You never know if it’s too late to try
Tomorrow knows but it won’t say
You never know if it is right or wrong
Until it’s gone
Come on dig it up yeah pump it dry
Burn off the right to life high up in the sky
Maybe we will maybe we won’t
Sometimes we have to give, yeah give not take
Sometime we have to stop look before we leap.
Maybe we will maybe we won’t
Track Name: Too Much To Do Today
I will swim in the water; I will walk in the sand
I will dance in the moonlight; I will drink till I’m done
I will smile till my teeth ache; I will laugh till I cry
I will sway to the rhythm; I’ll make hay in the sun
Don’t you worry about the dishes?
That’s just too much to do today
Leave the dusting, leave the washing
That’s just too much to do today
That’s too much, much too much today
I will lay in the sunshine; I will bake in the sun
Then I’ll sleep till the evening, till the party begins
Track Name: White Horses
You and me and little white horses skimming stones down by the beach
The moon in our eyes and the sun on our backs
and the devil is there at our feet
and I say now, do you say now?
It’s only been just a few short hours but it seems a long time
Full of life’s big questions, I think you know my mind
Will you feel, will you hear, will you see, will you touch
Come alive in the night or is it too much.
Even in your letters written in the sand
I see hidden meanings made by your hand
Innocent was it meant I don’t know but I see
Such a life up ahead there for you and me
And I say now, Lets make it now
Track Name: Jingle Bells Ain’t What It Used ToBe
Jingle bells ain’t what it used to be
A message of devotion hanging on a tree.
You’ve got to open up your dose of cheer
Unwrap your joys and tears it’s here.
Chorus :-
Jingle bells have a simply great noel
Ring that bell everyone thinks it’s really swell.
Jingle bells ain’t what it used to be
A picture of emotion there for all to see.
Come on lets see you dance lets here you sing
Imagine all the gifts that Santa brings.
Chorus …
Socks and slippers and rings and knickers
Cindy, Barbie, Batman too.
Turkey hot and turkey cold
Turkey sandwich turkey stew.
Sprouts and stuffing and Christmas pudding
Wash it down with a glass or two.
Mince pies pork pies ham and trifle
Stuff that turkey down the loo.
Eric and Ernie a message from Lizzy
Parties smarties James Bond too.
Plan your hols and plan your diet
Make your resolutions few.............

“I don’t want to be the dancing monkey.......”